Attended the hpc “higher  performance centre” for gymnastics.


Graduated at pro arté alphen park, with distinction in design, art and maths.


Graduated at Inscape, majoring in graphic design. achieved distinction average


Currently have junior lectures post at Inscape education group

I am an illustrator artist and graphic designer with a passion for line, form and colour, i enjoy pushing my creative  boundaries and get the best result, challenges excite me  and I’ve always aspired to be the best.

Commissioned to design famous band, “aKING” poster.


Chosen to do, inscape logo design for a television ad.


Commissioned to paint many  murals at the inscape campus.


Commissioned to paint many murals for "thrashers" .


Commissioned to create a cover for tribe magazine .


Commissioned by numerous producers including

"mr carmack"

A true skill of mine is my ability to dip into my broad general knowledge to deliver not only a beautiful product but smart, creative and insightful one.

As a graduate with a degree in graphic design, i am  proficient in all adobe software, but my passion and true  skill lays in combining my illustration, motion and my artistic  background with the new age media.

broad knowledge in :





Pop Culture



Traditional Art

After Effects






Pro Create  Dream Weaver  Premier pro



Sense of Humour  Enquiring Mind

Hard Worker


Team Player

Gold medal at SA champs in, gymnastics and "latin and  ballroom."

SRC at high school and university.

Dux art scholar of pro arté for 5 years.

Achieved 98% for design matric final and 92% for fine art

Awarded a bursary to study graphic design at Inscape

Top 10 finalist in nation wide std bank card design competition

Collaborated with numerous famous street artists namely

"jack fox” , black koki, Afican ginger etc"


An integrated social ad campaign designed to target teens by anthropomorphising a cigarette. This was a cross platform campaign specifically targeted at platforms teens  would most likely use.

This brief focus on in-depth  research of a problem and  proposing a potential solution

to that problem.

extra mural illustrations

This project i had to create a product, and brand it, this was a beer bottle that could potentially work as bricks.

This is an integrated ad campaign that is a continuation of a product that i had to create, this is a continuation is of the essence of what make that product great.


 this brief predicated on the integration of product, and campaign.

A series of illustration self-portraits.

A series of street art pieces i have designed

and executed over the past few years.

Within this brief i had to research a fictional world and solve a funding problem by encouraging people, to join a certain cause, this was done  within the star wars world.  this academic exercise focused on vector  illustration, and critical research.

Within this 48hr competition brief i had to produce 5 variants of a standard bank card, by critically dissecting a  subculture that was given to me, my subculture was hiphop.

This was a brief in which we had to create a series of logos for a hospital, we where given specialised  departments within

the hospital in which we had to depict each  departments essence within a logo.

This was a series of portraits i have made to hone my skills and critical evaluate the facial anatomy within 2hrs. this was an academic exercise to teach myself “procreate” and find a quick and beautiful way to create portraits.

An online incentive in which some of the worlds leading designers creates 36 letters and numbers in there own style, my “1” was featured on their official page.

massive illustrations created for a gallery show.

this brief was to re-brand and make it "cool" to read again and was predicated on the tag-line “defend against boredom"


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